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A man from Ramban fell prey to Cyber fraud

A new cyber fraud has been detected that makes victim’s agree to their terms and conditions , lends them loan and unknowingly hacks crucial personal data of it’s users including their contact list .

The app even threatens the victim to repay the loan whenever the app desires otherwise the victim’s data will be leaked publically .

Sakib ,from Ramban fell prey to similar fraud when he downloaded ” FI – Money ” app from Google Play Store . He made an account using the app and applied for loan and recieved an amount of 2200 rupees . In no time he recieved a message that read ” repay the loan or else your data will be out in the public” , he made a repayment of around 6200 rupees but still was being harrased by the fraudsters . He deleted his account on that app and deleted the app too , thinking that the problem is solved he received another message where the fraudster demanded 1400 rupees . When Sakib didn’t made the payment the hacker leaked his personal data and has also make a fake news against him that he has raped a minor girl.

Sakib has registered a complain with the cyber cell Jammu soon the fraudsters will be caught.

Meanwhile the netizens are advised to be aware of such cyber frauds and don’t share your personal details without verify the source.

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