COVID-19|No Navratra celebrations this year: ZDPC

Zeashta Devi Prabandhak Committee (ZDPC) Tuesday announced suspension of all religious gatherings and said no celebration of Navratra will be held this year. Bharat Bushan Bhat, president ZDPC said the decision was taken in view of the global health crises arising due to outbreak of coronavirus epidemic.  “The COVID-19 has also made footprints in Jammu and Kashmir, and Ladakh. Advisories issued by health experts and prohibition orders by government are in public interest. So we decided to suspend all religious activities at the temple,” he said. He said the temple at Zeathyar has been closed and so the Yatri Nivas. “We have also decided to cancel the celebration Navratra festival which commences on 25 March and is celebrated up to April 4.” Bhat said that the open space and parks in the temple complex have also been declared as out of bounds for the visitors.  He said  the   committee   has   taken   proactive   steps   to   ensure implementation of preventive measures for containing the effects of this outbreak. He said the Prabandhak   Committee will actively   cooperate and coordinate   with the government and shall adhere to its orders to fight the virus.

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