Trump reaffirms support for India’s entry into NSG without delay

US President Donald Trump has reaffirmed the support of the United States for India’s entry into the Nuclear Suppliers Group (NSG) without any delay. “President Trump and Prime Minister Modi committed to working together to strengthen and reform the United Nations and other international organisations and to ensure their integrity. President Trump reaffirmed US support for India’s entry into the Nuclear Suppliers Group without any delay,” said a joint statement released by India and the United States following Trump’s visit to New Delhi. The statement added that both sides recognise that to contain the build-up of sovereign debt in developing and low-income countries, it is important to ensure responsible, transparent, and sustainable financing practices for both borrowers and creditors. “President Trump and Prime Minister Modi expressed interest in the concept of the Blue Dot Network, a multi-stakeholder initiative that will bring governments, the private sector, and civil society together to promote high-quality trusted standards for global infrastructure development,” read the statement. Asserting that the United States and India recognize the need for an innovative digital ecosystem that is secure, reliable and facilitates the flow of information and data, the statement said: “The leaders intend to foster cooperation among their industry and academia for open, secure, and resilient supply of strategic materials and critical infrastructure, and to independently evaluate the risk associated with deployment of emerging technologies.” On Tuesday, US President concluded his 36 hours official visit to India, during which he held both restricted and delegation-level talks with Prime Minister Modi.

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