Work on Chandrayaan-3 started: ISRO chief

The work on Chandrayaan-3 mission has started and it is going on at full speed, ISRO chief K Sivan said on Wednesday. “The work on Chandrayaan-3 has started and it is going at full speed,” he said to the reporters here. Asked whether ISRO look at a manned mission to the Moon, Sivan said, “Definitely someday but not immediately.” Earlier this month, Sivan had stated that Chandrayaan-3’s configuration will be almost similar to Chandrayaan-2 but the new mission will have a rover with a propulsion module. “In Chandrayaan-2 we had orbiter, lander and rover configuration. But the Chandrayaan-3 will be having a lander and rover with a propulsion module. The work is being carried out very smoothly,” he had said.

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