Another Success for Police Nagrota



SDPO Nagrota , Mohan Lal Sharma


Syed Ajaz Kazmi

With the recovery of around 4000 kg of Poppy straw from Nagrota, SDPO Nagrota and his team have once again shown that if the work is done efficiently it can bring out results.

Nagrota Police during a routine checking in the early morning today discovered that a truck was carrying something suspicious. This led to a thorough search of the truck and it was found that there were several packages full of Poppy straw. Police sources informed that the estimated weight is over 4000 kg and it is worth in crores. “ we have arrested two people from a truck moving from Srinagar to Punjab, the truck bearing number PB06J 5345 was also seized and further investigation has been started”, said police sources.

This success has been in continuation with several other successes in the recent past. The most recent was of nabbing the alleged grenade thrower of Jammu Bus Stand. Nagrota police with its swift action nabbed the alleged thrower within few hours of the blast. This speaks volume about the efficiency of the police.

The credit of the success can be given to the SDPO Nagrota Mohan Lal Sharma along with his team. There has been a series of success since he joined. The first major success was the killing of a militant in Jhajjar Kotli in which SDPO also got injured. There has been a recovery of more than 1500 bovines and more than 100 cases been registered. The police have also seized more than 100 vehicles and the same numbers of people have also been arrested.

Nagorta which is the gateway to Jammu is a place of strategic importance. The strict vigilance on police Nakas have not only strengthened the overall security situation but have also created a hurdle for the militants to have an easy entry and exit from the City.


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