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Weeks into the newest season of the controversial reality show Bigg Boss and not a single entertainer to hold on it. The season is clearly limping towards its finale and just like the disinterested housemates, the audience too is waiting for the show to come to a close. Although too many exits and entries have taken place so far, none could help the show to come out of its snooze mode. As this well-invested reality show gets stodgy with every passing day, it reminds us of its eleventh season and the plethora of entertainers that the season housed. So here’s looking at the amazeballs of the Bigg Boss season 11

1) Shilpa Shinde and Vikas Gupta’s love-hate saga

Shilpa Shinde and Vikas Gupta have become the unforgettable contestants of Bigg Boss. You cannot talk about the season without mentioning their names. Shilpa was the epitome of entertainment and Vikas was the one with the beautiful mind. Their union was nothing short of an amalgamation of two of the most important qualities that shoulders a TV show-Entertainment and Content. It is because of them and their camaraderie that our expectations have doubled. We hoped to find similar contestants in the seasons to come but realized that it was not about the show, it was about them. A self-sufficient Shilpa and the mastermind Vikas Gupta together made the cringe-worthy reality show an entertaining watch.

2) The boisterous Arshi Khan and the cautious Hiten Tejwani

How can one talk about entertainment without mentioning Arshi Khan? The bold and stunning Arshi entered the house as a commoner but emerged as one of the most sought-after contestants. Despite not being from the TV business she knew exactly what would appease the audience. She relentlessly flirted with the timid TV star Hiten Tejwani, who tried his best to save himself from her ‘arrows’. Hiten’s wife Gauri Pradhan also praised their cute chemistry when she went inside the BB house.  Although both Hiten and Arshi couldn’t reach the finals, Hiten’s level-headedness and Arshi’s ‘nighty tales’ were deeply loved by the audience.

3) Hina Khan, the fashion queen and vamp we all loved

One of the strongest contestants of the Bigg Boss 11 season Hina Khan played her game to the T and was the perfect taskmaster. She did all the tasks assigned to her with utmost finesse. Her friendship with fellow contestants Priyank Sharma and Luv Tyagi was also loved by all. Hina’s fashion game was on point and she presented herself very well. Post her successful stint inside the house, she was chosen by Ekta Kapoor to play the famous ‘vamp’ Komolika in Kasautii Zindagi Kay reboot.

4) The crazy rapper Akash Dadlani

Akash was by far the craziest contestants that the season 11 had seen. His mood changed faster than a racing car and his bizarre raps amused the housemates as well as the audience. He knew he was there to entertain and so he was true to his job.

5) Bandgi Kalra and Puneesh Sharma

Every season has a couple and so did the season eleven. Puneesh and Bandgi were the cute, mushy couple who were always seen together. They stood up for each other whenever and wherever required, unlike the real jodis that have entered the Bigg Boss season 12.

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